Total Quality Management

March 18, 2009

Kaizen: The Life Blood of Standardized Work

Standardized work and KAIZEN are the means by which people make the Toyota Production System work. People are by far the most important element of the entire system. Without the support of everyone involved, no part of the system will work. No matter how ingenious the method of production or service  may be,  for example, if the workers do not follow rules, the entire system of production control will fall apart. (more…)


Standardized Work in Toyota Production System

The foundation of the everyday operation  in Toyota Production System is Standardized Work,  standardized procedures that regulate every single work step in the entire process of producing an automobile. Concentrating on human movements, Standardized Work sets up the best work sequence for each manufacturing and assembling process. Once the most efficient sequence has been determined, it is always repeated in exactly the same way, thereby avoiding unnecessary motion and wasted effort, maintaining quality, assuring safety, and preventing damage. (more…)

March 16, 2009

Jidoka-The Second Pillar of Lean Production System

Jidoka is Japanese word which is usually translated to English as automation. But at Toyota, Jidoka refers to as the ability of production lines to be stopped in the eventuality of such problems as equipment malfunctions, quality problems or work being late, either by machines which have the ability to sense abnormalities or by employees. (more…)

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