Total Quality Management

May 21, 2009

Customer-Supplier Relationship

An organization spends substantial portion of every dollar on the purchase of raw materials, components, and services. In fact, 60% of cost goods sold are consisted of purchased goods. Therefore, supplier quality can substantially affect the overall cost of a product or service. One of the keys to obtaining high-quality products and services is for the customer to work with suppliers in a partnering atmosphere to achieve the same quality level as attained within the organization. (more…)


February 27, 2009

Documentation of Quality Management System

A quality system is the method used to ensure that the quality level of a product or service is maintained. The system documentation can be viewed as as hierarchy containing four tiers, as shown in the following illustrations:


All documentation moves from one level to the next in a descending order. If the system is properly structured, changes at one level will seldom affect the level above it, but may affect those below. (more…)

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