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January 23, 2009

Incorporating Customer’s Needs in the Business Definition of an Enterprise

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When we define Total Quality Management, the term quality implies the customer and the product or service being delivered to the same.  Here we would attempt to understand the definition of a business enterprise in terms of its customers it serves in the marketplace.

In other words, a company’s business is defined by what needs it is trying to satisfy, by which customer group it is targeting, and by the technologies it will use and the functions it will perform in serving target market. (more…)


September 12, 2008

Customer Focus and Satisfaction

Definition of Customer

There are two distinct types of customers i.e. external and internal. Internal customers are within the company-the colleagues working together for delivering a service or product for the external customer. We will, however, remain restricted to the external customers here.

An external customer may be an individual or an enterprise that hires or purchases the product(s) or service(s) from another person or business  in exchange of money.

One of the most important factors for the success of an enterprise is its customers. Without them, a business cannot exist. But to capture customers, a business must try to find out what people want, how much and how often they will buy and how their post-purchase satisfaction will be ensured.


What is the relation of a process vs its customer?

The process is defined as a set of interconnected activities that result in a product or a service to be offered to a customer. Thus, their relation is of critical importance. The result of one activity (the process) directly affects the other entity (the customer).

For example, all the customer complaints are analogous to process variation. If variation that is non-conformance to the quality standards occurs, it will ultimately affect the quality of the end product or service. Therefore it important to keep a strong check on this aspect.

Define customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is not an objective statistics but more of a feeling or attitude. If a customer is happy with a product or a service it has hired or purchase they will pay their bills promptly, which greatly improves cash flow-the lifeblood of any organization. Customers that are satisfied will increase in number, buy more, and buy more frequently.

How would you define quality with respect to customer satisfaction process?

Many companies approach customer satisfaction in a narrow way by confining quality considerations to the product alone. Whereas, service connected with the product are  frequently over looked, such as packaging, timely and accurate shipping and ability to meet deadline matters.
customer define quality in terms of their overall experience with the company. (more…)

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